Why Your Choice of Perfume Matters

The environmental impact of fragrance oil-based perfumes compared to essential oil-based perfumes can be quite distinct due to differences in their sourcing, production processes, and chemical composition.

Fragrance Oil-Based Perfumes

  1. Synthetic Chemicals: Fragrance oils are often made from synthetic chemicals. The production of these chemicals can involve processes that are energy-intensive and may release pollutants into the environment.

  2. Biodegradability: Many synthetic fragrances are not biodegradable, leading to long-term persistence in the environment, which can be harmful to wildlife and ecosystems.

  3. Resource Consumption: The manufacturing process for synthetic fragrances often requires significant amounts of water and energy, contributing to resource depletion.

  4. Air Pollution: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in some synthetic fragrances can contribute to air pollution and smog when they evaporate into the air.

Verses Essential Oil-Based Perfumes

  1. Sustainable Sourcing: The environmental impact of essential oils largely depends on how the plants are grown and harvested. Sustainable farming practices can minimize this impact, but overharvesting and unsustainable agricultural practices can lead to habitat destruction and soil degradation.

  2. Energy Use: Essential oils are typically extracted through steam distillation, a process that can be energy-intensive.

  3. Biodegradability: Essential oils are generally biodegradable, which means they break down naturally in the environment and are less likely to accumulate and cause harm.

  4. Biodiversity Impact: Unsustainable harvesting of wild plants for essential oil production can threaten biodiversity, especially when it involves rare or endangered plant species.

In Conclusion

The key to reducing environmental impact lies in sustainable practices in both fields. For essential oils, this means responsible sourcing and harvesting. For synthetic fragrances, advancements in green chemistry and more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are essential.

Consumers can help by choosing products from companies that prioritize sustainability and transparency in their sourcing and manufacturing processes.

** We at Jess Wandering Goods believe in the purity & protection of Mother Earth and our perfume rollers are a test to our commitment to quality and upholding high quality standards for our ingredients! We strive to make only handcrafted products with practices that respect our plant and it people. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our perfume rollers!  **



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