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Jess Wandering Goods was created through a love of holistic medicine, handcrafted items & all things earthy. We want to provide you with products that are plant based, free from toxins & unnecessary ingredients, esthetically pleasing & eco-friendly/ reusable. Our hope is to bring simplicity back into your self care rituals and making each moment a relaxing and meaningful one.

Sustainabilty & Cruelty Free

Our mission is to continuously find and maintain ways to stay earth-friendly and promote sustainability. We have done this by | Using Glass Bottles | Compostable & Recyclable Shipping Materials | Recyclable Packaging Materials | Earth Based Display Pieces for Markets | Partner with Sustainable and Earth Friendly Suppliers & Businesses | Using Wildcrafted & Organic Ingredients . **Please consider helping our mission by repurposing/reusing your bottles & packaging from our items** We also promise to never test on animals and make a conscious choice to partner with brands and suppliers that also share our values.

Our Essential Oils

We are proud to say that we use essential oils that are | Therapeutic Grade | meaning they have the ideal chemical profiles to offer health & wellness benefits. | Purity Tested | using GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) testing. Each test report is interpreted by an expert third-party chemist who checks the essential oils for the appropriate chemical profile as well as any substances that should not be present. | Free From Pesticides, Synthetic Ingredients, and Other Chemicals | The highest-quality essential oils start with healthy plants, grown in their native climate without the use of chemical pesticides and are organically grown, wildcrafted, or certified organic to ensure a fully natural product. GC/MS tests confirm and ensure that the oils are free of harmful chemicals or additives.

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