About Us

Hey there! I’m Jessica - the creator behind Jess Wandering Goods. 

My Knowledge 

I consider myself to be a life long learner, I’m always researching and trying to learn new topics. However, my official credentials are a Bachelors Degree in Health Studies and a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have studied acupuncture, herbalogy, nutritional therapy, western medicine, pharmacology, energy healing, massage/ tuina & more. While completing my studies I worked part time at a large natural grocer in their supplements and body care department. Though out my years working there I was able to surround myself around body care products and test there quality and effectiveness. With all my knowledge and experience I have tried to provide effective and beneficial products that are easy to use and better for your mind, body & spirit. 

My Lifestyle 

While I’m not 100% zero waste, I do pride myself in trying to live a sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle. My family and I try to prevent buying/ using plastics and disposable items as much as possible and waste as little as we can throughout our home from foods to clothing. I tried to carry this mentality over into the products & packaging of Jess Wandering Goods. Almost everything we use and ship our items in are compostable, recyclable or reusable. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle <3. 

My Family

I have a pretty cool dude named Josh by my side. We met on a cruise in Florida going into our senior year of high school. I lived in Wisconsin, he Florida, and some how we managed to make it work! (Thank you text messaging & Skype! ). 15 years later we are married and have two kiddos! 

My Brand 

I created Jess Wandering Goods so I could provide products that were herbal/plant based, free from toxins & un-needed ingredients, esthetically pleasing & eco friendly/reusable. All of our ingredients and their purpose have been listed on our site for your convince, nothing to hide here! We have used glass bottles for almost every item allowing you the opportunity to clean and reuse them for future use or recycle. 


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